Our Partners

We are a leading player in the Equity Crowdfunding ecosystem in Africa.

Our powerful network of partners add substantial value to our brand, Investors and Entrepreneurs.

Chartered accountants and auditing services for Uprise.Africa

An interactive web-based tool that increases due diligence efficiency for entrepreneurs and investors

The Southern African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association


The over-arching confederation that represents black professional, business associations and chambers

Corporate finance and commercial law, with a strong focus on start-ups


Consolidating your company’s compliance, governance and secretarial activities

Why partner with us ?

Partner with a top African equity crowdfunding platform

Engage with a large community of equity investors

Access a variety of small businesses raising finance on Uprise.Africa

Support and fund exciting pitches

How you can partner with us

Accelerator hubs & Incubators

The Equity Crowdfunding model can be used to assist in raising capital for the entrepreneurs that go through your program. Uprise.Africa is looking to partner with Accelerators and Incubators to help bring more deals to our platform and helping more entrepreneurs bringing their businesses to life.

Uprise.Africa can assist by hosting workshops introducing the equity crowdfunding model and how it works.

Please contact info@uprise.africa for any further enquiries.

Venture Capitalists & Financial Organizations

The equity crowdfunding model can be used to pool capital from multiple sources. Uprise.Africa is looking for Venture Capitalists and Financial Organizations that have identified projects that need a more diversified group of investors and will benefit from the Equity Crowdfunding model.

Uprise.Africa also identifies projects that your clients might be interested in as an investment opportunity.

Uprise.Africa can assist by hosting workshops introducing the equity crowdfunding model and how it works.

Please contact info@uprise.africa for any further enquiries.


Entrepreneurs need all the support they can get to assist in spreading the word about their pitch and equity crowdfunding campaign. Uprise.Africa generates compelling content, and our pitches cover a broad spectrum of topics.

Please contact info@uprise.africa for any further enquiries.

Risk warning


Investing in early stage businesses and startups can be very rewarding but comes with its risks and challenges. These risks include dilution, illiquidity, loss of investment and rarity of dividends which is why investment should only occur as part of a diversified portfolio. Uprise.Africa is targeted specifically at sophisticated Investors who are sufficiently aware of these
risks and make informed decisions. As an Investor, you will only be able to invest via Uprise.Africa once you have passed our application process and registered on our platform.

Pitches by Entrepreneurs for investment are not offers to the general public as only registered members of Uprise.Africa can invest into Uprise.Africa and mandate Uprise.Africa to invest that money into the particular Entrepreneur, based on information provided in the pitches by the Entrepreneurs concerned. Uprise.Africa takes no responsibility for this information or any recommendations or opinions expressed by the Entrepreneurs or Investors.

Uprise.Africa is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (no.46236)